Prestige Decking

Prestige premium knotty cedar deck boards are exclusively manufactured by Western Forest Products which is considered to be a leading producer of quality appearance lumber products in British Columbia, Canada.

Long length 5/4 x 6 Prestige premium knotty decking is produced only from the finest Coastal British Columbia Western Red Cedar fiber because it is more decay resistant and durable than cedar from other regions.

Prestige premium knotty decking has natural decay and moisture resistance as well as inherent flame spread and smoke development classifications that often times exceed building code standards.

Prestige premium 100{c4467729a2314a54c65e4b2cae7dc12d162486c85f9703ec4fc7085b41aa5f96} sound tight knot cedar decking is kiln dried to an average moisture content of 19{c4467729a2314a54c65e4b2cae7dc12d162486c85f9703ec4fc7085b41aa5f96}.

Unlike some cedar deck lumber, Prestige premium knotty decking lies flat, stays straight, has minimal shrinkage and holds fasteners exceptionally well.

Prestige decking can be stained or left natural to weather to the beautiful silvery-gray color that cedar is renowned for.

Prestige premium STK decking is an ideal choice for a deck surface that is exposed to sun, rain, snow, extreme cold or heat while retaining its dependable natural beauty.

A custom western red cedar deck railing assembly is a perfect complement to the natural beauty of Prestige Decking.

When you are ready to buy western red cedar, look for a manufacturer like Western Forest Products who is a proud member of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA). Real Cedar is the durable and attractive choice for people who want to have the best wood decks yet are often surprised when they find the western red cedar price is lower than many other woods or man-made products.

A properly installed Prestige Western Red Cedar deck immediately adds to the value of your home and your enjoyment of life. Click the Installation tab for useful installation tips.

In the end, the better value is the product that looks the best and lasts the longest, not the cheapest.

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