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The SBS OneSource Sales Teams Concept

SBS Sales Team Benefits:
  • Unique team approach to sales
  • Every builder is assigned Interior and Exterior sales teams
  • Each team focuses on their specific area of expertise
  • Each team has a road salesperson and an inside salesperson
  • Both teams work together to provide you with accurate, efficient and reliable service

What makes SBS OneSource stand out is our unique team approach to sales. We create a dedicated group of specialized salespeople who work with you on each aspect of your project. Every builder is assigned two teams here: one for the exterior and one for the interior portion of the project, with each team focusing only on their specific area of expertise. Such an approach not only allows the salespeople to become experts in their particular lane but also allows them to get to know your businesses preferences and practices.

This enables them to participate as an extension of your company, the goal of which is to make your job easier. In addition to separating interior and exterior, we then break it down further into a road salesperson and an inside salesperson. The main focus of the road salesperson is to do field measuring, sales calls and address issues on the job. The inside salesperson focuses on sourcing, quoting, ordering and executing each request. In addition to our interior and exterior material teams, we have a great group of salespeople focused completely on architectural windows and doors. This team consists of experienced professionals that specialize in our exclusive  window and door products as well as their specific territories. As a customer of SBS, you’ll always have someone to reach out to for a specific question and our teams are constantly working together to provide you with accurate, efficient and reliable service. We work hard so that you don’t have to.