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AIA Certified Continuing Education with Kendra Likely, CSI, CDT

Keep up with CE Credits with Certified Classes led by Kendra Likely, CSI, CDT, the Director of Architectural Windows & Doors for SBS OneSource, who has 25 years experience in the window and door industry.

Big Glass in Fenestration

Bigger Glass trends are driven by the ever-increasing size of residential spaces. Customers and Designers are demanding impressive and boundary stretching concepts in residential home design. Oversize architectural fenestration has unique issues and requires key understanding of structural demands on the design and engineering of glass assemblies.

1 LU / HSW
Provider: Loewen

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  • Why fenestration products are getting bigger
  • How different types of glass is made, from silica sand to sealed units. Identifying the basic types glass and the attributes each type
  • How to create high performing sealed glass units for any environmental zone
  • Defining size and weight and engineering boundaries when designing and specifying big glass. The role of international standards
  • Considerations in handling, transportation, packaging, sequencing and delivery and the effect on cost

Architectural, Residential Timber Curtain Walls

Provider: Loewen
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Learning Objectives
At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between commercial storefront systems and purpose built architectural curtain wall systems.
  • Discuss the importance of properly designed and constructed curtain wall systems as part of the integral building structure.
  • Examine the material options and suitability of curtain wall systems including coatings, claddings, anchors, and integration of operating doors and windows.
  • Review the performance expectations and on site building methods, including AWS and NFRC specifications and integral water shedding.

Acetylated Wood

Using Acetylated Wood to Improve the Sustainability and Durability of Wood Windows and Doors

Length: 1 hour
1 LU / HSW
Provider: Loewen

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  • Learn about acetylated wood and its history and how its sustainability characteristics improve green building projects.
  • Review the performance benefits and environmental advantages of acetylated wood, understand how the chemical process of acetylation improves the wood, and how performance measures are tested.
  • Examine why windows and doors constructed with acetylated wood are more durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient and discuss various applications.
  • Explore case studies in historic preservation, sustainability, and extended duration projects where acetylated wood windows and doors were specified.

Doors: Function, Control, and Integration

Large Opening Doors: Function, Control, and Integration

Length: 1 hour
1 LU / HSW
Provider: Centor

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  • Describe the functional types of large opening doors and the hardware solutions for each type.
  • Discuss the impact of loading and structural movement on large opening doors, providing solutions to lessen creep, deflection during construction, and localized movement at connections.
  • List methods for controlling heat loss, heat gain, moisture intrusion, and insects at the door opening.
  • Describe the benefits of an integrated solution for large opening doors.

Assessing Residential & Historic Window and Door Specifications

Better understand the choices & how to specify windows and doors for historical, institutional and luxury residential projects.

1 LU / HSW
Provider: Norwood

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  • To understand the critical aesthetic and functional roles of fenestration in the design of historical, institutional and luxury residential projects
  • To assess windows and doors according to the type performance criteria such as, Wood Species, Sash & Grill Profiles, Prefinish options, Cladding, Hardware, Sustainability, etc.
  • Advantages of Interior vs. Exterior glazing, when to use Single, Double & Triple glazing
  • Understand the design requirements and best solutions for fenestration in various applications

Solid Wood Stile & Rail Doors

A look at stile & rail doors starting with a historical perspective and tracking the evolution of their construction through today, showing and discussing component materials and methods of manufacturing, and relative pros and cons of each.

1 LU / HSW
Provider: Heartwood

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  • Learn why stile & rail doors are used in a project
  • Understand common terminology for wood doors
  • Identify various components of wood doors
  • Realize the differences in component construction of wood doors
  • Study the factors determining stability and longevity of wood
  • Recognize common door joinery methods for manufacturing
  • Learn how construction factors affect aesthetics
  • Understand design limitations of wood doors
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