Doug Fir

One of the many outstanding characteristics of Douglas Fir is its warm rosy red color and its remarkably straight grain pattern. Depending on the given need, Douglas Fir can be used for structural applications or interior millwork. Douglas Fir also machines cleanly and can hold all types of stains and finishes exceptionally well. With the ability to be used both indoors and out, Douglas Fir is the one of the most versatile and dependable materials for nearly any building project.

Common uses for Douglas Fir lumber include fir flooring, fir timbers, fir beams, fir boards and dimension lumber, fir door and window frames as well as for a variety of heavy construction and industrial uses.

When Douglas Fir is milled to expose the vertical grain, the result is a consistent straight grain with a beautiful light red color that darkens in time.

Doug Fir lumber is straight grained and considered to be one the strongest of the softwoods.

The color of the exposed surface as well as the quality of the manufacturing process and moisture content are all keys in determining the grade of the finished board.

While C & Better is a very acceptable grade, B & Better by grade rule has a more uniform color and a much tighter grain pattern. Generally, the tighter the grain pattern, the greater the long term durability and coating adhesion.

Douglas Fir holds fasteners exceptionally well and retains its size with an absolute minimum of shrinking, swelling, cupping and bowing.

Clear vertical grain Douglas Fir is very well suited to accept a variety of coatings and finishes.

Douglas Fir flooring easily withstands consistent harsh weather and is a very dependable option for high foot traffic areas. It resists scuffing and abrasion and it has become a New England classic for generations because of its durability.

When architects and engineers look for the best in structural lumber, their first choice repeatedly is Douglas Fir. It is dimensionally stable and universally recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. Its high specific gravity provides excellent nail and plate-holding ability. Learn more about Douglas Fir & Western Larch

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