Liberty Extruded & Routed Rail System: Unique Routed Rail System with Graspable Option

Unique routed rail system with graspable option is easy and fast to install. There are no baluster screws, the common rails have routed square holes and the baluster goes through the common rail and is wedged in between the aluminum reinforcements. Where we really shine is the stair, the patented racking system allow the installer to “rack” the rake angle between 18 and 40 degrees without cutting any rake angles, a real game changer! Full line of custom newel posts and caps are available to add a highly customized look to your project


  • MEW Hollow Baluster option to reduce cost! (available for 6′ and 8′ spans only)
  • Matte Finish – 100%
  • Extruded Cellular PVC with Aluminum Reinforced Core
  • Pre–routed for Easy Assembly and innovative Racking Stair Section that accomodates 18 to 40 degree Rake Angle.
  • Glass blade insert option (for level rail only)
  • 3–1/2″ Width and 2–3/4″ Graspable IRC Code R311.7.8.3 Compliant
  • Hidden Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • 1–1/4″ Square Edge Balusters and Square Edge Posts
  • 5” Standard Newel Cover; 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12” Optional
  • Injected Molded Cap and Trim Rings Available, Solid PVC Cap Optional
  • Spans up to 10′ IBC Level Application
  • Spans up to 10′ IRC Stair Application
  • Does Not Require Painting (LRV>55)

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