Atlas Roofing

Beauty Backed by Protection.

Atlas Roofing Corporation is not your typical, high profile shingle manufacturer— instead they strive to be different, unique, innovative, and most importantly, accessible. Atlas roofing products are designed to meet every market segment. Beginning in the early 80s with a single asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in Meridian, MS, and with its purchase of four additional roofing plants in the mid 90s, Atlas has grown to keep up with the demands of the ever-growing asphalt shingle industry.

StormMaster Shake

StormMaster® Shake shingles made with Core4® Technology feature a scientifically engineered asphalt core that is made to perform better, with increased consistency and reduced variability, extending the life of your roof.

Pinnacle Pristine

Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles offer stunning color that lasts. With protection against damaging high winds and black streaks caused by algae, you’re investing in a roofing system that has lasting curb appeal, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Pinnacle Sun

Pinnacle® Sun reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below. Generally, lighter colored products are more reflective than darker colors, but color is not the only indicator of solar reflectance performance.

Pinnacle Impact

With Pinnacle® Impact architectural shingles, that offer superior hail resistance, smog-reducing technology, and the algae-fighting power of Scotchgard™ Protector, you’re investing in an exceptional performance roofing system with lasting curb appeal.


Atlas ProLam™ shingles are available in seven popular shades made to complement any home’s exterior color scheme. With built-in algae resistance and wind resistance up to 130 mph, you’re investing in a roofing system that provides beautiful curb appeal and valuable protection.


Atlas Castlebrook® shingles offer a distinctive look in many beautiful colors that offer stunning curb appeal. Made to resist high winds, your new roof will provide the best protection between your family and the worst that nature has to offer.

Briarwood Pro

Atlas Briarwood Pro™ shingles offer an elegant look and superior protection. High-definition color combined with high-wind resistance means your stylish roof can also weather whatever storm comes your way.







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