SBS OneSource is proud to feature this backyard oasis brought to you by panoramah’s sliding ah! system!

As your exclusive source for panoramah! in Massachusetts, we love to spotlight projects that give you a feel for what their products can do. Known as the minimal frame system, panoramah! uses the most advanced technology to create large sliding panels of glass, which deliver an expanded and unobstructed view. Created in Portugal, no frame is too tall for these sliding glass systems and the floor to ceiling vista is incredible.

Recognized worldwide as an innovative product and unique design, this featured XTEN Architecture project is located on the outskirts of Madrid. We’re highlighting this family house because it’s a perfect example of how panoramah! products can bring balance to a property by using open and closed volumes with spaces in between that become entry points, transitions and covered outdoor living spaces.

This particular area is arid and hot in the summer, so the design was created to position the buildings to protect the interiors from the sun, while the sliding ah! systems simultaneously open the house to light, air and the surrounding landscape. This product was a critical design request because of the sliding systems’ ability to allow for a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. The villa also features two ah!38 pocket motorized tri-rail windows connecting the main living room to the pool and to a mature oak woodland. These pocket motorized windows measure in at 43 feet long by 13 feet high. That’s a lot of glass! The view of the outdoors is uninterrupted, making this spot the perfect indoor/outdoor pool oasis. As pool and beach season quickly approaches, contact us if this unique design would fit for your next project.

Product: ah!38

Xten Architecture
Madrid, Spain
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Although these pictures are stunning, nothing beats seeing and operating panoramah! products in person. Our newly redesigned Pembroke showroom features an 18ft tall motorized vertical slider among many other unique products. Contact anyone on our sales team to make an appointment and visit the showroom to come see the minimal framing system in action.