SBS OneSource is proud to feature this one of a kind home featuring ah!38 by panoramah!

SBS is your exclusive source for panoramah! in Massachusetts. Known as the minimal frame system, panoramah! uses the most advanced technology to create sliding panels of glass, which deliver an expanded and unobstructed view. We’re highlighting this private house with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea to showcase the kind of breathtaking view you can get through panoramah! windows and doors overlooking the ocean or the bay right here in our neck of the woods. 

Designed by B-group, the house was strategically oriented to create a connection to the natural surroundings of the seascape and slope. The design also showcases a triangular silhouette, which is evident from the driveway entrance and exemplifies the essence of its dynamic architectural geometry. This geometry is emphasized by the raw concrete alternating with the large glass surfaces that disappear behind walls. These glass panels connect the interior with the exterior while creating stunning frames of the view towards the sea and the landscape vegetation.


These clean minimalist house lines enhance the balance and harmony between the architectural elements and the natural realms, as well as the seamless integration of exterior and interior spaces. A design as sophisticated as this and the connection that was created with the outdoors was all achieved through the ah!38 birail and trirail solutions. panoramah! minimalist sliding windows amplify the breathtaking view while rendering the transition between inside and the generous decks outside.


Product: ah!38

Architecture by B-Group
Photography: ©Panagiotis Voumvakis

The photos of this job are striking but nothing tops seeing panoramah! products in person and getting to operate them with ease! Contact anyone on our sales team to make an appointment and visit the showroom in Pembroke to see the minimal framing system in action.