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SBS is the exclusive dealer in Eastern MA for Kebony decking and cladding!

Deck season is fast approaching and we’re here to provide the top decking products to elevate an outdoor space. Although Brazilian hardwoods like Ipé have become the popular choice for decking material, various factors that prohibit the mass production of this wood are forcing many in the industry to turn to viable alternatives. That’s where Kebony comes in. Kebony is the environmentally responsible alternative to tropical hardwoods like Ipé. Sustainably harvested from FSC-certified forests, Kebony uses responsibly managed lumber and eco-friendly chemicals. It can be difficult to find out if Ipé has been illegally harvested in addition to the fact that the supply of Ipé in the Amazon will eventually run out in the future. Kebony is an incredible green product with a bright future.

Not convinced just yet? Let’s focus on the other benefits of choosing Kebony over Ipé. In terms of strength, nothing can compare to the iron strength of Ipé hardwoods but this thick density can often make it hard to work with. Kebony is just as hard as other Brazilian hardwoods but comes with a thirty year warranty and the durability that is not guaranteed with other hardwoods. Kebony is very resistant to warping, cupping and splintering and is the more stable choice over time.

In the end, WOOD you believe the more solid choice is Kebony? Though both options have nearly identical maintenance routines and are similar in appearance, Kebony has a uniform grain and color whereas Ipé can have many variations. This consistency with appearance also applies to price, which can be a deciding factor for many. Overally, Kebony’s decking is the best sustainable choice that will offer uniformity in pricing, appearance and durability. Contact us to learn more about how Kebony might be the best fit to elevate any outdoor space!