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Sierra Pacific Windows & Doors

Sierra Pacific Windows and Patio Doors makes dozens of different windows and doors, in thousands of different sizes, shapes, and operating styles. They have all the styles, features and innovation you could ask for, with a complete array of design options. Their products will enhance any décor, and make any home brighter, more inviting, and more comfortable.

For many years, Sierra Pacific has been the hottest window and door brand in the West. Now, they’re one of the biggest and best window companies in the world. Specialty Builders’ Supply can order just about anything you want, and it will be crafted with as much care and attention as if we were installing it in our own homes.

Casement Windows

A favorite of builders and architects alike, Sierra Pacific Casement Windows are the workhorse of the window world – energy efficient, durable, secure and beautiful. Easy to operate and easy to clean, Sierra Pacific Casement Windows also provide superb ventilation through a sash that opens to a full 90 degrees. Sierra Pacific Casement Windows complement virtually any architectural design or style, and are perfect for the harsh climate conditions found here on Cape Cod and The Islands. Use casements alone or in combination with other window types and shapes – let your imagination be your guide.

Awning Windows

Sierra Pacific Awning Windows feature the versatility so necessary for today’s creative design teams. Integrate form and function with awning windows to express your unique architectural style. Mull Sierra Pacific Awning Windows above or below picture windows to provide ventilation and an unobstructed view. Or create a geometric puzzle with stacks of awnings placed side by side in varying heights. Choose from Colonial or Contemporary interior frame profiles and add Simulite grids with bars in 7/8″, 1-5/16″ and 2″ widths for a true Massachusetts colonial divided lite look.

Carmel Double Hung Windows

Looking for classic style combined with the latest in innovative window technology? Chances are you’re looking for our aluminum clad Carmel Double Hung window. In this case, less really is more, as the operational parts of the window are concealed to create a true aesthetic beauty. No visible PVC jambliners to mar the beauty of the wood interior or to detract from the purity of the color on the window’s aluminum clad exterior.

The Carmel Double Hung window features the rare fusion of aesthetics and imaginative design and is available in either Ponderosa Pine or Douglas Fir interior. Upper and lower sash operate independently of each other to encourage optimum airflow through your room. Add Simulite grids with bars in 7/8″, 1-5/16″ and 2″ widths for a true Cape and Islands colonial divided lite look.

Direct Glaze Windows

Unleash your imagination to design your own unique creations of glass and wood. Configure straight lines and angles to define a pattern of geometric precision. Frame the graceful curve of a radius following the sweep of your roofline. Trace the limbs of the trees in the forest, accentuate the angle of the shoreline, outline the jagged peaks of the mountain range – whatever your style or vision, Sierra Pacific’s Direct Glaze windows in geometric or radius shapes will accentuate and amplify your design, even as they capture your view.
Design with trapezoids, pentagons, triangles, parallelograms and octagons. Choose circles, ellipticals, ovals, half rounds, quarter rounds, or gothic shapes. Open up your view with a 90 degree Corner Window. Create your own custom shapes. Let your imagination be your guide – we’ll do the rest.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows create a focal point and add character and charm to your home. These three-dimensional combinations enhance the architectural detail of your building’s exterior, as they expand interior space, light and views. A new Bay or Bow Window can make any room more interesting, more personal and more livable.

Sierra Pacific Bay Windows are available in 30°, 45° or 90° angles and feature a center picture unit with your choice of flanking double hung or casement windows. Our Bow Windows are composed of four, five or six window units mulled together at a 10° angle to create a graceful sweeping curve.

The design possibilities are endless. Bay or Bow windows can create additional space above a kitchen sink, provide additional seating in a dining nook or, in a floor to ceiling application, open up additional living space.

All bay and bow units regardless of window type are furnished factory assembled. Assembly includes the application of 3/4″ birch plywood head and seat board for units up to 120″ wide. For any unit over 120″ wide, 1″ finger jointed, edge glued Ponderosa Pine head and seat board will be applied.

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