Over the past year we’ve been in the thick of a renovation, redesign and remodel at our Pembroke location. Through the hard work of A&A Building and Remodeling, the space has undergone a complete transformation and though we encourage you to stop in and see the upgrades, please know that  it will not be fully completed until March of 2022! 

It was important to us to have a space where you could really visualize the unique and exclusive architectural window and door products that we’re proud to sell and operate them as well. l. We’re grateful to the team at A&A Building and Remodeling for bringing this vision to life and we’re so excited to debut the finished showroom. 

We’ve gone international! The window products we showcase in our new and improved showroom represent six different countries: the United States, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Poland! These products may be from all over the world but we sell them here exclusively for all of Massachusetts– the Islands, the Cape, the Berkshires, Boston, North Shore, and South Shore. No matter where you are in this region, we can offer unique products from all over the world for your design and building needs.

Our Pembroke showroom is a comprehensive look at products, accessories and installations. We’ve been open to appointments since Spring of 2021 and the many industry professionals that have visited our space have commented on the experience. They’re blown away by the number of one of a kind products never before shown in a window and door gallery.  It’s a lot to take in with just one visit. Design professionals have noted that it is an excellent place to send their clients to explore possibilities for their projects. We have all large opening door and screening options on display in addition to fold up windows and thermal steel products. It’s a WOW space and you’ll just have to come see it for yourself to believe it! Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Features of the new and improved showroom:

  • Window products from six countries represented–huge international flavor from US, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Poland
  • Products for all of Massachusetts:  The Islands, The Cape, The Berkshires, Boston, North Shore, South Shore
  • Showroom is a comprehensive look at products, accessories and installations.
  • All large opening door and screening options on display
  • Architects, builders and other industry professionals who have visited our space say that it’s an eye catching experience of products that nobody has ever seen before
  • 13 ft by 17.5 ft wide automated operating door panels (panoramah!)
  • Fold-Up windows
  • Thermal steel products