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Loewen Windows

Classic Style Combined with Remarkable Versatility

Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing open like a door to provide superior ventilation and easy operation. Suitable for many home styles, Casements shut tightly and provide a firm, lasting seal and one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any window style. Practical and beautiful, Casements are easy to combine with other Loewen window styles for a distinctive look. Loewen makes four distinct styles of Casement windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open out from the bottom, allowing air to circulate freely while providing a unique protective shield to keep out rain. Awning windows, on their own or combined with picture windows, can easily create a desired look and function that fits with any architectural style. Loewen offers two different types of Awning windows.

Double-Hung Windows

From time-honored architectural details to authentic, luxury-grade hardware, the new Loewen Double Hung window has been designed to complement the depth and character of the traditional North American home.

We’ve combined superior strength and durability with leading manufacturing techniques and innovative efficiency options to deliver a window that not only matches the look of your residence, but also delivers the progressive performance it deserves.

Picture/Direct Set Windows

Loewen Picture windows are designed to give you maximum views with a minimum of wood framework. Picture windows, of course, do not open. But you can create the ideal combination of view and ventilation by pairing them with operable Loewen windows.

Bow, Bay & Corner Windows

Unlike other options, Bow and Bay windows actually add valuable living space to your home — how much extra space is up to you. Loewen three-sided Bay windows can be built at one of three fixed angles: 34, 45 or 90 degrees. These angles determine how much extra space you gain by controlling how far the window extends.

Access Windows

Born of modernist design but at ease in a variety of settings, the versatile Access window has a growing and enthusiastic following. These windows are ideal in situations where access to the outside is restricted — such as multiple story homes and commercial applications.

Our unique design allows the sash to rotate 180 degrees outside the window frame, leaving your draperies and blinds untouched and making exterior cleaning a breeze. Access windows are fully compatible with the entire Loewen product line for seamless integration.

Specialty Windows

Joinery skill matched with technology and fine materials make for an abundance of custom possibilities. The versatility and strength of standard Douglas Fir make it possible to combine materials and creative design into marvelous expressions of personal style.