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Loewen Doors

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Loewen Doors

Loewen Doors

Loewen Doors

Terrace Doors

No other hinged door can capture as expansive a view as a Loewen Terrace door, thanks to our large glass areas and sturdy all wood construction.

We offer you two styles to choose from: Traditional and French. Traditional Terrace doors hinge in the middle so that one panel is fixed and the other operates. By contrast, French Terrace doors are hinged on the outside to allow both doors to operate from the middle. Outswing versions of both styles are available as option.

Bifold Doors

Possibilities unfold with Loewen Bifold Doors, an expansive new addition to the Loewen product line. Bifold Doors virtually disappear, creating stunning transitions to the fresh air and spaciousness of outdoor living. When closed, Bifold Doors provide privacy and protection while allowing unobstructed views.

Sliding Patio

The epitome of leisure living, easy-operating Sliding Patio doors bring the outside in with style.

Functioning like large moving windows, Loewen Sliding Patio doors can open up the walls in your home to new possibilities — imagine our spectacular seven-panel, 24’ wide model, for example.

Liftslide Doors

The Loewen LiftSlide complements other product line in terms of profiles, interior vertical grain Douglas Fir finish and exterior metal clad colors. Created with the highest level of quality, the LiftSlide is an excellent companion product for Loewen projects offering consistent appearance, function and quality.

Multislide Patio

With an easy, smooth and quiet operation using stainless steel tracks, MultiSlide interlocking sliding panels provides secure and weatherproof options in large openings. A large selection of custom configurations and design options are available, including bi-parting and hidden pocketing.