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SBS OneSource is proud to feature the work of select architects we have had the pleasure of working with on numerous projects.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we’ve cultivated and maintained in the building industry of the Northeast. We aim to provide architects with high quality products to specify and builders with the flexibility and support they need from a supplier. Our “Say Yes” mantra runs deep and everyone on our team is determined to go the extra mile to find the way to say yes. That’s why it’s so gratifying when Architects choose to work with us. Our success depends on our relationships with like-minded individuals who require quality product and are equally as passionate and service-driven in this industry.

David R. MacLean & Associates

David Maclean and his associates have been trusted design professionals by SBS OneSource for many years. We enjoy collaborating with David on Loewen projects and Narcisa Dervishevikj in our Architectural Window and Door Sales division has had the opportunity to work with David the most. Narcisa shares her thoughts on why David stands out in the design community below.
Visit the David R. MacLean & Associates website for more projects and information.

David is one of the most creative architects you’ll ever meet, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable and confident about turning those designs into reality. After 40 years of experience, he is purely driven by his passion for designing modern homes, yet incorporating traditional elements in each of them. Every single house he’s designed is unique, unlike any other house on the Cape, but it perfectly fits its surrounding areas and furthermore, complements them.

I’m always impressed by David’s humbleness and professionalism that is felt almost instantly. I enjoy working with him because he wants everyone he collaborates with to feel comfortable by understanding his way of thinking, and has a tremendous amount of positive energy and patience in doing so! Looking forward to working on more projects with Dave’s signature on them!
Narcisa Dervishevikj

Architectural Window & Door Sales

SBS OneSource & David Maclean Featured Projects

Scroll through these beautiful homes we’ve had the opportunity to work on with David featuring Loewen Windows.

Hammer Architects

SBS OneSource has worked with Mark Hammer and his crew at Hammer Architects on multiple projects featuring a variety of our trusted window and door lines. Freddy Maguire in our Architectural Window & Door Sales division has had the pleasure of collaborating with Mark often through the years. Freddy shares why Hammer Architects are unique design professionals and what gives their work a wow factor below.
Visit the Hammer Architects website for more projects and information.

I have been working with both Mark and Don at Hammer Architects for over twenty years. These guys were ahead of the curve with blending contemporary and traditional designs that are so prevalent these days. Their projects are always show stoppers and with lots of glass, which works for all of us!  

Freddy Maguire

Architectural Window & Door Sales Boston & South Shore

SBS OneSource & Hammer Architects Featured Projects

Scroll through these beautiful homes we’ve had the opportunity to work on with Mark featuring Loewen, Arcadia & Norwood products.

Salt Architecture

SBS OneSource just recently began working with Alissa Hike Harris and Chris Harris of Salt Architecture and we’re excited for the bright future ahead for our collaboration. We’re currently working with the team at Salt Architecture on two homes that are still in the construction phase of the process. Below we’ve featured progress photos of these homes that include Loewen Windows, and we are looking forward to updating this page with the finished product in the months to come. Narcisa Dervishevikj on our sales team has built the relationship with Salt Architecture and details why we value this new partnership.

Visit the Salt Architecture website for more projects and information.

Salt Architecture is a very talented team of architects! They’re detail oriented, professional and extremely nice people to work with. Alissa, Chris and the rest of their team are visionaries who continuously deliver bold and creative thinking. Most importantly, they are passionate about what they do and go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results!

Narcisa Dervishevikj

Architectural Window & Door Sales

SBS OneSource & Salt Architecture Featured Projects

Scroll through these completed and in progress projects featuring Loewen Windows!

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